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We cover a wide delivery area within our store catchment and orbital areas of the M25. We can deliver or arrange courier services nationwide in some circumstances (prices available on request), please contact your local store or our 'Web Line'' for more details.

We use our own delivery teams (apart from courier services) and vehicles. They are an essential part of our business, selected and trained by us.

We don't pretend to offer 'free services' or hide the cost of these in our products. It's not ethical or the way we like to do business. We prefer (and think you will too) that all our prices are totally transparent and easily understood. You can see that these are very competitively priced:

Bronze Delivery Service: only £29 (Mon-Fri) £35 (Sat).

  • Goods delivered to your home, local area.
  • Goods placed in a room of your choice.

Silver Delivery & Disposal Service: only £39 (Mon-Fri) £45 (Sat).

  • Goods delivered to your home, local area.
  • Goods placed in a room of your choice.
  • Disposal of your old bed or item of furniture at an environmentally approved site.
  • Recycling of your old mattress.

Gold Delivery & Assembly Service: only £49 (Mon-Fri) £59 (Sat).

  • Goods delivered to your home, local area.
  • Goods placed in a room of your choice.
  • Disposal of your old bed or item of furniture at an environmentally approved site.
  • Recycling of your old mattress, card and plastics.
  • Assembly of divan bed, bedstead, bunk bed or wardrobe.

Some larger items such as bedroom suites and fitments are priced separately, see in store for details.

We always do our best to be prompt, but sometimes encounter situations outside our control e.g. access problems, parking restrictions and traffic! All delivery times are therefore approximate.

Within our store catchment areas, we deliver at least three days of the week, including Saturdays. We offer a 'morning' 8:30-2pm or 'afternoon' 12-6pm delivery slot. On request we are happy to call you half an hour before our delivery team arrives.

Our delivery enquires telephone number on the day of delivery is 020 8853 1155. For all other and general delivery enquiries, please contact the store where you purchased your goods or your local store.

Help us to help you

We always do our best to make sure your delivery goes smoothly, but we really appreciate your help with the following:

Parking permits & clamping areas

Parking our vehicles can be really difficult in and around congested areas. Our larger 7.5t vehicles are over 6m long and some of our furniture weighs in excess of 85Kg! Therefore arranging convenient parking near your property really helps our delivery teams. Small things like leaving a bin in a parking area or asking a neighbour for extra space can make a real difference.

The Local Authority rules on parking permits are very strict in busy residential streets. If you have signs outside or near your property that state a parking permit is required, you'll need to provide our driver with the right (visitors/delivery) permit. Unfortunately we cannot use permits that are registered to a personal vehicle. You can buy books of visitor permits form your Local Authority Parking Office. These services can often be found on your Local Authority's website.

In some instances we may not be able to deliver your goods without a permit, especially if we can't find close alternative parking. Unfortunately, as soon as our delivery team leave their van a 'Civil Enforcement Officer' could place a hefty £65+ parking fine on our vehicle! Although clamping on private land is now unlawful, councils are still permitted to use residential clamping schemes. Therefore please make sure you obtain the relevant parking permit.


Our assembly teams are experts in everything 'flat pack'. Before leaving they will make sure you are completely satisfied with your new furniture. They will also leave the tools/instructions that are supplied with the goods, useful for when you move. In the unlikely case a problem arises, they will liaise with your local store or our distribution centre to help find a fast solution.

The more room our assembly team has to build your goods the better. We ask that your room is made ready before delivery and relevant space left clear. If you have paid for your old furniture to disposed of, where possible, please ensure that this is taken apart prior to our arrival. We really appreciate your help.

Balancing payments

Please make sure your order is paid in full at least 48 hours prior to delivery.

Disclaimers, access & safety

We always do our best to carefully deliver your goods. In some cases where access is particularly difficult, we may ask you to sign a disclaimer, just in case of minor accidental damage. Our Sales Advisors will be happy to discuss any access concerns prior to delivery and provide product dimensions on request. If you have any ornaments, pictures or low lamp shades which may affect access, please ensure these are removed or point them out to our delivery team. To ensure our delivery teams work safely, in most cases, we do not allow them to remove their footwear. We carry blankets, but it's also a good idea to lay your own dust sheets/newspaper to help protect any flooring. Due to health and hygiene regulations we may refuse to dispose of any unsanitary items. Unfortunately, we may not be able to fulfil a delivery when there is no responsible adult (18 and above) present.

Redelivery charges

In the unlikely event that a client has failed to comply with the above, causing us to abort a delivery, a full redelivery/assembly charge will apply. This downtime is very costly for us and unnecessary delays can also inconvenience our other client's deliveries.

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